What are Layar and Augmented Reality, and how it is amazingly helpful for your business?

Today, everyone is busy working in this fast world and especially our potential customers. It is our duty to reach them and provide the correct information whenever and wherever they need it. But because of less time and fast world, this is becoming almost impossible. There is so much available in the market that our potential customers are not able to remember everything what they see and watch through our marketing channels. But we can make it possible with the help of Augmented Reality and a new software called Layar. This software is for one of the fastest growing marketing channels – Mobile Marketing. It includes smart phones and tablets which are always close to our customers not matter where they are.  People like these devices because they are cool and productive.

So, now the question arises, what are Augmented Reality and Layar? How these softwares can be useful to our business. The answer lays in the old school QR Codes. I think everyone is familiar with the QR Codes (Quick Response codes) in which we use to scan a box code it takes us to a video or a link of a website. This was used by marketers to increase brand awareness, sales, to gather information about potential customers, etc. But now, AR is changing the whole picture. We will give chance to our customers to scan whatever they want and the information will pop up on their screens. A quick example of Layar is shown in the link below.

After watching the above video, I first thing comes in my mind is the Harry Potter newspaper in which the pictures use to move and talk. This is possible with the help of Layar. Imagine if someone is passing by a billboard or a statue of any brand or a logo and after they scan it, the picture starts talking and moving in their phone. It will increase traffic for your website and number of potential customers. Layar is getting an amazing response because people like to try new and cool things. It is simple for our customers because they can download this App on their smartphones and Tablets for no cost and moreover they can also create their own personal campaigns for fun.

As a marketer, I think this is an amazing software for run marketing campaigns because our customers watch and listen to those advertisements which are good and informative. And Layar brings you this experience with no cost. Furthermore, the good thing about Layar is that you are not limited to you Television and Desktop Computer. You can get access to it anywhere and get information by scanning any object.  Another example of Layar is shown in the link below:


Be aware of how content (spam) filtering works

Email Marketing is one of the most cost efficient ways to reach our potential customers. It normally includes business requests, new ads and promotions which are sent to create brand loyalty for existing customers and to create brand awareness for new customers. Emails are considered as text messages these days and usually everyone reply to them, but these email are also sent to steal usernames and passwords by spammers. That’s why spam filters are being introduced so that so nobody should click on these spam emails and they shouldn’t even reach our customers. But this is becoming difficult for marketers too because spam filters are also blocking good commercial emails even if there is one small mistake.  Marketers can’t reach their potential customers till the time they have good content emails.  That’s why we need to watch our content while creating a commercial email.

But why do we need to watch our content and how does spam filter work? The spam filter isn’t going to scan our content like Gmail? Yes, you are right and not only that it will also check that from what kind of server and email address it is coming. Spam Filters will only allow those emails to pass through which have good content, proper email address and proper server. They will look for words like Buy now, Click here, Free, Viagra, etc. These words are commonly used by spammers in their emails. Also it will check that is it coming from a proper mailer or not?

The most important thing is to have good content email because a little mistake can put your email marketing campaign in customer’s junk folder and your hard work will never be valued.  Normally, people make common mistakes like having just a picture in their email and with no text, Writing the subject or whole email in upper case letters that means you are just yelling in the email, Coloring the fonts like bright red or green, excessive use of exclamation signs in the text. These mistakes normally trigger spam filters to shift your email to junk folder or block it. So make sure your email has the right content because small mistakes can do big things in the digital world.

Double Click

In this video I am talking about double click and how it is helpful to marketers.

Double click Bid Manager-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhLc-NkpIec
Double click Campaign Manager-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rHIACVWe_0
Schedule campaigns with double click-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NWOMDNAK_k
More about Double Click-http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2012/apr/23/doubleclick-tracking-trackers-cookies-web-monitoring

Humming Bird From Google – A Whole New Algorithm

Humming bird seems like a nice name for an algorithm which is been launched by Google on its 15th birthday. The algorithm was actually launched in August, 2013 a month ago but Google decided to announce it on 27 September 2013. In the last penguin and panda updates, Google changed a little bit of their algorithms to increase the SEO but in this update Google has totally modified the whole story. This is a total new concept, now you can search your queries while talking to Google. Yes, they are now going to use your computer’s microphone.

Now the question arises that how this is going to effect the world of internet marketing. Many people are losing their website traffic because Google is searching for more better content for its users. To get rid of this problem, you should upload quality content on your website. Your content should answer the questions of your customers because now they are going to speak with the search engine. When we normally search anything on the internet, Wikipedia is one of the top 3 best results. It is because their content is extremely rich and information available is highly useful. So make sure you have good content on your website.

Another thing you are going to use is long tail search keywords. Rather than using small keywords for searches, you should use long tail keywords. This will help you in gaining more traffic for your website and your site will ranked up in Google. Moreover, Humming bird is going to have long term queries from users. For example, people use to write random words in search bar like this “Adidas shoes buy”, but now they will ask the search engine a whole question like this “Where is the nearest place to buy Adidas shoes”. So now, rather than matching those three words to your content, Google will search for the place where you can buy Adidas shoes.

Do not try to use spam to get more traffic for your website because Google will ban your website and it will not going to show in anybody’s search. For more information, Check out Google Guidelines for Webmasters.

Here is small video in which Fiona Lewis from supersavvybusiness talking about HummingBird update

Grow your Business with Facebook

There are many different ways of advertising in today’s life. Back in the days, people started from newspaper ads and now they have reached social media sites on the internet. Today, almost everyone is on the internet and especially on the social media sites. Facebook is the leader of social media sites and its number of users has almost grown to 2 billion.  Now, the 0question is that how Facebook can help growing your business.  Facebook helps you to make a fan page online and you can advertise your business and products through that. Here is small tutorial https://www.facebook.com/business through which you learn more about facebook advertising.

A like on your Facebook page isn’t just defining that a person likes your brand but it also keep him attached to your brand.  He can get all the updates in his news feed of about your brand. You can also provide information about new upcoming offers of your brand. Dan Levy, Director of small business at Facebook that approximately 70% of monthly active users in the U.S. and Canada are connected to a local business on Facebook.

People can build their business page on facebook and with the help of facebook advertising they can reach their potential customers. But how this system works? Here is quick short video

about facebook advertising which can help us to understanding this system.  Building a fan page helps you in following ways:

  1. Establishes another outpost for your business on the web.
  2. Drives traffic to your website.
  3. Improves your Search engine optimization.
  4. Allows you to engage with your community easily.
  5. Listening to your customers will improve your business.

Social Media Marketing- The Next Big Thing

Those were old days when T.V. and radio advertisements were the only way to reach potential target markets. Now people are moving to social media.  According to Experian Marketing services, 27 percent of the online spent time is spent on social media websites. This video

is showing that how often people use social media in their lives.

Social media gives you the opportunity to know what people say about your brand. You can do one to one communication with your customers. This is the most effective way for VOC mechanism (Feedback from customers). Social media provides better customer service experience through which you can get more loyal customers. It focuses on maintaining effective relationships with your customers. Social media provides a good image to your business. Most of the Facebook users like their favorite brand pages in order to get latest updates and it helps in doing effective marketing through social media.

As technology is changing and becoming complicated every day, it’s also hard to manage all of your social media pages. With the change in marketing mediums, people are introducing more tools to reduce some workload for business people and Hoot SUite is one of them. Now, you can track all of your social media traffic through Hoot Suite. Hoot Suite allows you to manage all of your social media accounts with just one account. Here is a quick tutorial

about how you can track and manage your social media activities and your potential customers through Hoot Suite.

Social media provides many ways to deal with your customers. It also helps in increasing search engine optimization. Small business can find their target market easily and bigger corporations can stay on top of everything through social media.

Key success factors to keep in mind while designing a website.

Online marketing has become the most useful method of advertising and selling products. This is possible with the help of an amazing web design that you should choose for your website, but some websites are not so good and customers don’t like them. So today we are going to talk about some common mistakes made during designing websites and how to avoid them.

First of all your website should have a professional presentation related to your business. Professional presentation includes organized, eye catching fonts and colors, products should be displayed, your promotional offers should come on the landing pages, home page should focus on your goal and there shouldn’t be any non-relevant content on your website (avoid clutter). Another thing is Pop-up windows. If you want to have a good online business then you should avoid Pop-up windows because they just kill the interest of customers towards your business. Also you should not have too many advertisements on your website because they create a bad impression. For more information, I highly recommend the blog written by Chris strom.

Secondly, you should have a Search box on your website. When customers come to your website’s home page, they look for a search bar so that they can find easily what they are looking for. If your site is too complicated for a customer then he can just search for the term or stuff he wants from your website. This will easily help the customers without any problems

More: This blog post talks about many more mistakes done in website designs.

Thirdly, you are responsible for answering the questions of your customers. So, don’t be afraid to put a phone number or physical address on the website. This will increase customer satisfaction and make a positive image in their eyes about your business. In this is video from online entrepreneurs Mikal Belicove an Entrepreneur columnist, Author and online consultant talks about some common mistakes done in presenting a business website and how you can avoid them.

How web analytics help businesses to reach their target market.

With a change in marketing techniques and strategies, the world is moving to online marketing of products and services. Web data has become the most important and valuable data in the marketing industry now. Online marketers seek people’s personal information, interests, geographic location, demographical data etc. every day over the internet. Web data is very useful in order to recognize your target market and achieve goals of your organization. Susan Krahinsky a reporter of globe and mail shows in her article that how online data is used for targeted advertising.

Online data has no pattern or logic. Basically, the data big corporations and small companies get from their websites is hard to put together. In this video,

Simon Thomas from business analytics of IBM explains that how the world has changed and how hard is to understand the big data we have online without analytics. He explains that how they are using analytics to make some sense of data and tell their customers what is the target market for them.

Web analytics tools helps to sort the data into different parts so that marketers can make better decision about their products and services. For example if you have a website, web analytics tools can tell you who your visitors were, what they were interested in, from where they were (geographical data), how they arrived your website, what is the demographical data of your visitors,  and what is your target market from those visitors.

Visistat’s lead caster is a very good web analytical tool which can be used to get our potential customers. In this lead caster tutorial video,

it is shown that how we can get back to the people who visited our website. It acts as a caller id for your website.

Google also offers Google Analytics a web analytics tool which is can be used for same purpose. Small companies which have small amount of big data can use Google analytics find their potential customers because it’s free. There is also a premium version of this tool on which you pay 150,000 USD annually. This service is used by bigger corporations who have vast amount of online data.

Online shared information is becoming a threat to your online banking.

Nowadays, online banking is a very good convenient service offered by banks. People check their bank accounts and pay their bills almost every day through online banking. On the other hand, threats are also rising day by day for online privacy. As per the article posted by Mike Thompson, more than 600,000 Facebook accounts are hacked every day. These Facebook accounts carry your personal shared information which includes your name, date of birth, address, phone number, contacts and your employment information.

Then, these hackers turn to your email addresses which contain all of your personal data and information. Alan Wlasuk has also mentioned in his article that more than 60% of all Internet users use one, at most three, login name/password pairs throughout their entire internet journey. Normally people keep their security questions and answer same in order to remember them. All of your stolen online information in your email address and Facebook account gives a lot of potential to professional hackers to reach your online banking account. They can easily get to your pay pal and credit numbers with this online info.
Bad guys can also use other options to get your personal information out of your computer. It possible with the help of Malware viruses which can enter your computer from your email ID. These Malware come from your junk mail. When we click on this junk or spam mail it silently enters your computer and starts transferring your data and information to the hacker. ESet’s Security Evangelist, Stephen Cobb is stating in this video  that how bad guys send their Malware rats to people’s computer and steal all of their personal information, get access to network connections, usernames and passwords etc.
To keep your information safe from malware viruses your computer should have an online security antivirus. Security questions and username/passwords should be different for your email ID and online banking accounts. We should also keep our passwords long and complicated so that they are hard to guess.