What are Layar and Augmented Reality, and how it is amazingly helpful for your business?

Today, everyone is busy working in this fast world and especially our potential customers. It is our duty to reach them and provide the correct information whenever and wherever they need it. But because of less time and fast world, this is becoming almost impossible. There is so much available in the market that our potential customers are not able to remember everything what they see and watch through our marketing channels. But we can make it possible with the help of Augmented Reality and a new software called Layar. This software is for one of the fastest growing marketing channels – Mobile Marketing. It includes smart phones and tablets which are always close to our customers not matter where they are.  People like these devices because they are cool and productive.

So, now the question arises, what are Augmented Reality and Layar? How these softwares can be useful to our business. The answer lays in the old school QR Codes. I think everyone is familiar with the QR Codes (Quick Response codes) in which we use to scan a box code it takes us to a video or a link of a website. This was used by marketers to increase brand awareness, sales, to gather information about potential customers, etc. But now, AR is changing the whole picture. We will give chance to our customers to scan whatever they want and the information will pop up on their screens. A quick example of Layar is shown in the link below.

After watching the above video, I first thing comes in my mind is the Harry Potter newspaper in which the pictures use to move and talk. This is possible with the help of Layar. Imagine if someone is passing by a billboard or a statue of any brand or a logo and after they scan it, the picture starts talking and moving in their phone. It will increase traffic for your website and number of potential customers. Layar is getting an amazing response because people like to try new and cool things. It is simple for our customers because they can download this App on their smartphones and Tablets for no cost and moreover they can also create their own personal campaigns for fun.

As a marketer, I think this is an amazing software for run marketing campaigns because our customers watch and listen to those advertisements which are good and informative. And Layar brings you this experience with no cost. Furthermore, the good thing about Layar is that you are not limited to you Television and Desktop Computer. You can get access to it anywhere and get information by scanning any object.  Another example of Layar is shown in the link below:


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