Humming Bird From Google – A Whole New Algorithm

Humming bird seems like a nice name for an algorithm which is been launched by Google on its 15th birthday. The algorithm was actually launched in August, 2013 a month ago but Google decided to announce it on 27 September 2013. In the last penguin and panda updates, Google changed a little bit of their algorithms to increase the SEO but in this update Google has totally modified the whole story. This is a total new concept, now you can search your queries while talking to Google. Yes, they are now going to use your computer’s microphone.

Now the question arises that how this is going to effect the world of internet marketing. Many people are losing their website traffic because Google is searching for more better content for its users. To get rid of this problem, you should upload quality content on your website. Your content should answer the questions of your customers because now they are going to speak with the search engine. When we normally search anything on the internet, Wikipedia is one of the top 3 best results. It is because their content is extremely rich and information available is highly useful. So make sure you have good content on your website.

Another thing you are going to use is long tail search keywords. Rather than using small keywords for searches, you should use long tail keywords. This will help you in gaining more traffic for your website and your site will ranked up in Google. Moreover, Humming bird is going to have long term queries from users. For example, people use to write random words in search bar like this “Adidas shoes buy”, but now they will ask the search engine a whole question like this “Where is the nearest place to buy Adidas shoes”. So now, rather than matching those three words to your content, Google will search for the place where you can buy Adidas shoes.

Do not try to use spam to get more traffic for your website because Google will ban your website and it will not going to show in anybody’s search. For more information, Check out Google Guidelines for Webmasters.

Here is small video in which Fiona Lewis from supersavvybusiness talking about HummingBird update


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