Be aware of how content (spam) filtering works

Email Marketing is one of the most cost efficient ways to reach our potential customers. It normally includes business requests, new ads and promotions which are sent to create brand loyalty for existing customers and to create brand awareness for new customers. Emails are considered as text messages these days and usually everyone reply to them, but these email are also sent to steal usernames and passwords by spammers. That’s why spam filters are being introduced so that so nobody should click on these spam emails and they shouldn’t even reach our customers. But this is becoming difficult for marketers too because spam filters are also blocking good commercial emails even if there is one small mistake.  Marketers can’t reach their potential customers till the time they have good content emails.  That’s why we need to watch our content while creating a commercial email.

But why do we need to watch our content and how does spam filter work? The spam filter isn’t going to scan our content like Gmail? Yes, you are right and not only that it will also check that from what kind of server and email address it is coming. Spam Filters will only allow those emails to pass through which have good content, proper email address and proper server. They will look for words like Buy now, Click here, Free, Viagra, etc. These words are commonly used by spammers in their emails. Also it will check that is it coming from a proper mailer or not?

The most important thing is to have good content email because a little mistake can put your email marketing campaign in customer’s junk folder and your hard work will never be valued.  Normally, people make common mistakes like having just a picture in their email and with no text, Writing the subject or whole email in upper case letters that means you are just yelling in the email, Coloring the fonts like bright red or green, excessive use of exclamation signs in the text. These mistakes normally trigger spam filters to shift your email to junk folder or block it. So make sure your email has the right content because small mistakes can do big things in the digital world.


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