How web analytics help businesses to reach their target market.

With a change in marketing techniques and strategies, the world is moving to online marketing of products and services. Web data has become the most important and valuable data in the marketing industry now. Online marketers seek people’s personal information, interests, geographic location, demographical data etc. every day over the internet. Web data is very useful in order to recognize your target market and achieve goals of your organization. Susan Krahinsky a reporter of globe and mail shows in her article that how online data is used for targeted advertising.

Online data has no pattern or logic. Basically, the data big corporations and small companies get from their websites is hard to put together. In this video,

Simon Thomas from business analytics of IBM explains that how the world has changed and how hard is to understand the big data we have online without analytics. He explains that how they are using analytics to make some sense of data and tell their customers what is the target market for them.

Web analytics tools helps to sort the data into different parts so that marketers can make better decision about their products and services. For example if you have a website, web analytics tools can tell you who your visitors were, what they were interested in, from where they were (geographical data), how they arrived your website, what is the demographical data of your visitors,  and what is your target market from those visitors.

Visistat’s lead caster is a very good web analytical tool which can be used to get our potential customers. In this lead caster tutorial video,

it is shown that how we can get back to the people who visited our website. It acts as a caller id for your website.

Google also offers Google Analytics a web analytics tool which is can be used for same purpose. Small companies which have small amount of big data can use Google analytics find their potential customers because it’s free. There is also a premium version of this tool on which you pay 150,000 USD annually. This service is used by bigger corporations who have vast amount of online data.


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