Social Media Marketing- The Next Big Thing

Those were old days when T.V. and radio advertisements were the only way to reach potential target markets. Now people are moving to social media.  According to Experian Marketing services, 27 percent of the online spent time is spent on social media websites. This video

is showing that how often people use social media in their lives.

Social media gives you the opportunity to know what people say about your brand. You can do one to one communication with your customers. This is the most effective way for VOC mechanism (Feedback from customers). Social media provides better customer service experience through which you can get more loyal customers. It focuses on maintaining effective relationships with your customers. Social media provides a good image to your business. Most of the Facebook users like their favorite brand pages in order to get latest updates and it helps in doing effective marketing through social media.

As technology is changing and becoming complicated every day, it’s also hard to manage all of your social media pages. With the change in marketing mediums, people are introducing more tools to reduce some workload for business people and Hoot SUite is one of them. Now, you can track all of your social media traffic through Hoot Suite. Hoot Suite allows you to manage all of your social media accounts with just one account. Here is a quick tutorial

about how you can track and manage your social media activities and your potential customers through Hoot Suite.

Social media provides many ways to deal with your customers. It also helps in increasing search engine optimization. Small business can find their target market easily and bigger corporations can stay on top of everything through social media.


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